Armenian rugs


Our website is an online store, where you can find the best selection of Armenian and Artsakh rugs. A broad variety of Armenian rugs is represented by sections. All the carpets are handmade; the raw material is stored wool from different regions. The double-node technique and the peculiarities of Armenian wool guarantee the high quality and durability of our carpets. We offer only the best.


Since time immemorial the Armenian Plateau has been known as the cradle and center of carpet-weaving. Besides carpet-weaving, many other branches of applied arts have always accompanied the Armenians for thousands of years. The culture of embroidery and, particularly, rug-weaving has reached a very high level in Armenia. Due to this Armenia is one of the unique regions, which gives a perfect insight into the richness and originality of the art of rug-weaving. There are more than enough facts, evidenced by not only the Armenian but also foreign historians and researchers. A carpet as an object and carpet-weaving as an art, have been the integral part of Armenian families and culture. Each Armenian family has had a rug, which has not been just an object, but also a symbol, an embodiment of security and protection, as well as an object of worship. Carpets are used nearly everywhere: in houses, churches, hotels, different halls during various events. In all times a carpet has been the best precious gift for relatives and friends. And in ancient times kings of neighboring countries gave each other carpets as a symbol of friendship. Thanks to the creative mind and taste of the Armenian women and girls unique rugs have been created and passed through generations. Due to their endless love and respect towards rug-weaving, a unique and interesting set of rugs has been created, which nowadays is preserved in the world's best museums. By developing and improving the art of rug-weaving for ages, Armenians have created a special technique of handmade carpet-weaving which is known as double node. This technique guarantees the high quality and durability of the rug. The Armenian carpets are distinguished by the high quality features of the raw material, the wool. A rather long-term history of carpet-weaving in Armenia has promoted sheep breeding. All the Armenian rugs are famous for their rich contextual diversity: For example, the image of dragon on the rug is explained by the fact that in ancient times dragon was not the embodiment of evil forces, but the expression of strength and power. Possessing such of rug would have meant defending their homes from the forces of evil. As an integral craftsmanship, Armenians have spread the art of carpet-weaving not only over Caucasus, but also throughout different regions of the world. By preserving the best traditions of Armenian carpet-weaving, our company manufactures both Armenian, as well as handwoven modern classical carpets made with natural raw material, and guarantees the very high quality of its product.